Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry is an unforgettable name to most people but if you’re not sure who she is I will remind you now… She was the lead singer of the most successful new wave band of the seventies, Blondie. You probably would have heard their renowned songs Heart of Glass or Call Me? You can listen to them below:

Heart of Glass - Blondie

Call Me - Blondie

Deborah Harry was born on July 1st 1945; she was adopted by Catherine and Richard Harry at the age of three-months old in Miami, Florida. Debbie attended Hawthorne High School and graduated from college with an Associate of Arts degree.

She had a variety of jobs before singing, for example a BBC Radio secretary, waitress and a dancer. She then went on to start her musical career in the late 60’s with her first band The Wind in the Willows but the band broke up shortly after failing to achieve success.

Debbie joined a girl group trio called The Stilettos, their back up band included guitarist, Chris Stein, who she eventually formed the band Blondie with. Debbie said she got the idea for the bands name after hearing passing truck drivers addressing her by the name of ‘blondie.’

Blondie went on to become the most successful new wave band of the seventies and Debbie Harry became a recognisable punk icon. All the men wanted her and every woman wanted to be her!

“I feel one of the things I brought to rock and roll was that sort of movie star glamour and image, and that's what always fascinated me. I always wanted to be that blonde, glowing woman on film, and it was sort of automatically thrown at my feet -- and I went with it.” - Debbie Harry

You might be surprised to learn Debbie was 33 years old when they had their first hit.

She is now one of the faces of MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam campaign, who donate every cent of the selling price to the MAC AIDS fund, which helps raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. She recently completed recording a new album with Blondie titled Panic of Girls, due to be released in 2011 and she will soon be going on tour.

Now lets focus on Debbie’s eccentric style, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re a fan of wearing dark and gloomy colours, though!

Debbie’s style developed over time and she became a huge punk fashion icon, when she was younger she “used to dress in black every day and pretend to be tough” but things noticeably changed as she was later known for her over usage of bright coloured clothes. People followed her thrown-together style and said “she never repeated an outfit,” her fashion was a mix of punk, mod and disco.

Debbie’s most desired fashion items include:
·         Bright coloured tops
·         Berets
·         Ripped slogan t-shirts
·         Over the knee leather boots
·         Clashing prints

A friend of Debbie Harry's said “she didn’t just show up anywhere in jeans and a t-shirt – unless they were pink jeans, a cool t-shirt and a pink beret.”  To top off her exciting look, Debbie always had a bright, colourful eye shadow on with dark black eye-liner outlining her penetrating eyes!

Her style has influenced many women such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Karen O from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Gwen Stefani with Debbie Harry

This look can easily be achieved without spending too much money, just mix and match anything in your wardrobe? Or if you want a more specific look try out the look below:

I hope you enjoyed finding out about Debbie Harry and she has inspired you in one way or another! Below are some of my favourite images of Debbie... 


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